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Heroic Traversal

This package contains a set of over 200 professionally animated actions for traversing with weight, power and style. 

Please read asset description carefully to make sure it fits the needs of your project. Once purchased, the asset is non-refundable 

-Locomotion at variable speeds and heights (walk, jog, run, jump) 

-Strafe (walk and jog speed only) 

-Climb in any direction 

-Swing on ledges 

-Wall Run 

-Leap, combat roll, parkour slide, and numerous transitions required for seamless, fluid action 

-FBX animation using Mecanim humanoid format 

-By default uses root motion, but also includes "InPlace" versions 

-Sample Mecanim blend tree can be used as a template for creating your own animation controller 

-Includes Bandit character and animated motions only 

-Does NOT include environment geometry, environment markup, player code or AI. 

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